We are proud and honored to have an unique combination of endemic and non-endemic companies as part of the SportClimber Network. Once more, we value their trust as we are just getting started on this collaborative journey to provide high-level exposure for the athletes, our sport and those that share our vision.  


SportClimber is a big fan of XeroShoes and could not be more thankful of their support of our “Ones to Watch” feature of the magazine.  Show them some love by picking up a pair of their incredible footwear.  There is nothing like them on the planet!  


Our friend Peter Rushford is the genius behind this incredible brand and super good trail mix.  We love SHARing the best products with our climbing community and quite frankly we cannot think of a better snack on or off the wall!  Did you know that 20% of net profits goes to The Conversation Alliance. Good food and a friend to the great outdoors.  


Funny story.  We knew Marisa at Real Nutrition before we knew Marisa at Real Nutrition as we have used her book, Nutrition for Climbers for close to a year now.  It is a great pleasure to have her as part of the SportClimber Network.  Pick up her book and check out all her seminars for the crusher in your home.  


Noah and his team at EPC are some of our favorite people.  Their devotion and dedication to climber health and performance is unmatched.  If you have a climber not feeling or performing at their 100%, reach out to Noah and let the power of the tye-dye work for you.